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Centre de soins La Rivière aux Sables

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Like many of you, I am a lover of nature and life! The need to contemplate, to imagine, to escape are essential for my emotional balance. We all vibrate in the presence of Art, whether it is a musical work, a literary work, a cinematographic or visual work. For my part, I have always warmed my heart with the help of artists; and not long ago my path crossed that of the artist Gabrielle Dumont.

Facing her paintings, I felt the same mix of emotions as when I read Saint-Exupéry's "Little Prince": between candor, comfort and love. In her generosity, Gabrielle allowed me to be able to share with you the well-being that her works provide me, by exhibiting her Art in our clinic. By opening my clinic in Jonquière, and by surrounding myself with a team of caring people, my goal is to offer the surrounding population a comforting and warm place. Our work as health professionals is so much more than a medical science, it is also the art of healing, the art of listening, the art of supporting and helping you.

Come visit us and vibrate in front of the works of Gabrielle Dumont.

Jodie Secula

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